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A world class opportunity.
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Have you heard the news?

In Silicon Valley and beyond, there is a gender parity problem

and according to sources such as Forbes and the McKinsey Global Report,  the solution is worth trillions.

    At Break the Roles startup pitch events, brilliant and accomplished female founders take the challenge to present their startup vision before a panel of investors. After question and answer sessions and deliberation, only one startup takes the prize. Break the Roles advances gender equality by supporting female entrepreneurship and investing in the community. Female founders across a wide variety of sectors are encouraged to participate.


  • Stockcard

  • Profhire

  • Salonspass

  • Blooms Prive

  • Elight Education

  • Yoconut Dairy Free 

  • MyAaliyah

  • Calroo

  • Mira

  • LocaleIQ

  • Musician's BASS

  • Greetings from OGA

  • eTrack Tech

  • Dot & Pin

  • Toy-cycle

  • Radivision

  • Nano RAY-T

  • GiftVolo

  • ZeeSeek

  • SINAI Technologies

  • Eise

  • STEM-Away

  • Citizens to the Rescue

  • QPi Education

  • Inpooling

  • NuLeaf Tech

  • Seva Exchange

  • Pangian

  • BingeWith

  • Lifescient

  • Luxlock

  • Htm.elle

  • BrightOn

  • PYNQ

  • Silk and Sonder

Event Info.:

Date:   TBA (March 2020)

Time:   6-9pm

Place:   3337 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA


All proceeds from each Break the Roles event benefits an organization dedicated to advancing women in STEM, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions. 

Nov., 2017 participants. Congratulations to winner, Bonnie Lau, CEO of Yoconut Dairy Free. All proceeds from this event were donated to Women Who Code.

Feb., 2018 participants. Congratulations to winner, Barbara Timm-Brock, CEO of eTrack Tech. All proceeds from this event were donated to Notre Dame HS Girls Robotics Team.

May, 2018 participants. Congratulations to winner, Debaleena Das, Founder of STEM-Away. All proceeds from this event were donated to Girls Garage.

Oct., 2019 participants. Congratulations to winner, Dr. Vidya Hebbar, VP of Product Dev. at Lifescient. All proceeds from this event were donated to Women Who Code.

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